Lincs County Council Complaint Part 5

[I shall have to think of some more interesting post titles!]

I wrote this to my county councillor this evening. Lincs CC Ultra Vires Underwood Frost1

I was in two minds about whether to bother or not – four fifths of me would quite like this clueless and arrogant local authority to take me to court and then perhaps we can resolve this issue once and for all. One fifth of me would quite like my life back and would settle for Lincs CC being put in their place and being forced to amend this offensive yearly monitoring policy, and to amend their letters and documentation. I have had no contact with this county councillor before, so I have no particular expectation of how helpful or sympathetic he may or may not turn out to be – we shall see.

Meanwhile, normal life continues, and we honestly have been doing things other than ranting at various authorities. And I can “prove” it too – I have “evidence” and photographs, which I will add soon 🙂


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