Lincs County Council Complaint #8

The final chapter? Who knows. This evening, I wrote to Lincolnshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Tony McArdle. Of course, he won’t dirty his own hands with the matter, but it might make some of his minions sit up and take notice. It’s admittedly a long letter, longer than I would have liked, but distilling a month’s worth of jobsworth incompetence into one letter is tricky, especially when it gets worse the more you look into it. The letter in full can be viewed here: McArdle Complaint Escalation

For those who prefer a Janet and John version – it escalates my complaint and asks 11 questions, across several different parts, including:

  • the legality of this ultra vires yearly evidence policy
  • the competency of Ms Debbie Barnes, given her blatant lack of understanding of home education law
  • the competency of Lincs CC’s legal department, and their exhibited bias against home education
  • the failure to consult on this new policy
  • the bias exhibited by the chairman of the scrutiny committee, dear Councillor Williams, who failed to apologise for his ridiculous response to my email, and how the LGO might be interested in that committee’s inability to do its job with bias from the chair
  • the human rights act and unwarranted intrusion into family life and privacy
  • the obstruction of this complaint, as regards the refusal to provide contact details for the CE, and the failure to provide relevant documentation under the freedom of information act

I also pointed out to Mr McArdle that I will not accept being told that the next stage of investigation will take 8 weeks. I reminded him that I am taking legal advice regarding judicial review of this policy, and that as he will be aware, there are strict time limits imposed upon those seeking judicial review – I will therefore view a delay of 8 weeks or indeed anywhere near that as a deliberate time wasting strategy. Which it is. My Mum spent decades as a senior official in local government; I grew up around it. There is no way on earth a response to this needs to take longer than 10 working days at most, and that’s being generous.

We shall see what transpires. The next step will entirely depend on how obstructive they choose to be. I do not expect any other law abiding citizen to submit to unlawful intrusion into their lives. Why would I accept it in my own life?


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