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I’m delighted to say that I will now be blogging regularly for the Huffington Post on home education and mind-body-spirit topics. My first post there is: Ultra Vires Home Education Monitoring – Badman Via the Back Door? – highlighting that local authorities around the UK are engaged in ultra vires home education practices and policies (Lincolnshire, of course, is sadly far from alone in this) and offering my opinion on why that ought to matter to us all. It’s on the front page of the Schools section at the moment, but I gather they would like to feature it on tomorrow’s proper front page 🙂

[added on the 24th – it is indeed a featured post on their front page today, and the top featured post on the main education portal, and one of the three headline posts on the schools section 🙂 ]


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  1. I loved it, Niiki! I look forward to more of your posts.

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