Bathing Blue and Catching Up

[Bumper set of blog posts today, while I’ve got time!]

Apart from the misery of Emily being so poorly, we have been doing bits and bobs over the last few weeks. Just before the weather turned sour again, and before Emily’s hands became a real problem, we gave Blue his first bath of the year, which was hysterical – we got absolutely soaked, he played up, pawing the ground, trying to dodge the hose and generally being uber-cute, and then promptly rolled the second he got back into his field and ended up far dirtier than when we’d started 😉 He had hay fever at the time so he’s wearing his fly mask back in the field.

Emily has been working on a big IT project with Gramps, devising a front and back end for a (hypothetical) piece of library management software, which is very involved and rather impressive. She’s also done quite a lot of work on politics/government, looking in particular at select committees (oh, what a coincidence…..there just happens to be that lovely select committee inquiry on home ed coming up….) and on other forms of government scrutiny. Lots of psychology going on, including a look at the undergraduate psychology course available free from MIT Open, which looks very good indeed. Psychology is fast overtaking politics as a potential career choice, I think.

Meanwhile, we also finished looking at radiation and radioactivity, did some more early 20th century political history, reluctantly progressed with maths, even more reluctantly progressed with English literature and did all sorts of other bits and pieces I’m now struggling to remember :-/

The plain weariness of dealing with Lincolnshire County Council has had at least one pleasant consequence, in that we’ve met some lovely new friends and went to meet a new family the other week for a brilliant afternoon where time flew by. Lincs sent me the “full and final” response to my complaint at the beginning of June. It was, essentially, one of the most arrogant documents I’ve read for a very long time, and utterly failed to either fix anything or apologise for their rudeness and prejudice. Meanwhile, some FOI requests to them are now nearly a month overdue, and they haven’t bothered to acknowledge my request for an internal review of those FOIs either – they really do not appear to be competent in any of the areas I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing. So, those FOIs will be referred to the Information Commissioner to deal with. I do have matters in hand regarding taking a next step against Lincolnshire CC, but I will not be detailing events here until they’re done and dusted, since Lincs seem to have nothing better to do than to read this blog.

Rumblings at the spiritualist church reached fever pitch last week, with a crisis EGM being called to attempt to deal with the incompetence, power-grabbing, unprofessionalism, malicious gossip and general unspiritual behaviour of the self-appointed senior committee member. Needless to say, said EGM failed to resolve anything, but matters are in hand there too, which I also won’t be detailing on here for obvious reasons.

I now have a publication date for Moon Surfing: 26th October 2012 🙂 Time to start the hard work of getting some reviews in. The publishers will be doing quite a lot of marketing, but I need to do my bit too. On unrelated writing matters, there are more book proposals in progress, a drama script in progress and various ideas for home ed related Huffington Post blogs, all nipping at my heels and wondering when on earth they will get done. Soon.


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