Water Balloon Photography

Fantastic photographs captured by Emily this morning in an experiment with shutter speeds – the split second of bursting of a water-filled balloon, capturing the instant that the water remains in a balloon shape before falling; you can even see the last remnants of the blue balloon still among the water shape on the right hand side. I love the second picture too, which missed the balloon shape instant but still caught the water in motion. Lots of fun doing this this morning – took quite a few attempts to get it right, but Emily is really proud of these. She also went on a poppy photography mission this morning, the gorgeous results of which I’ll add later. The flickr side bar on this blog has photos from last spring on it – she’s taken so many fantastic shots since then, but I can’t remember how to get the sidebar to update…. must remember to find out.


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2 Responses to Water Balloon Photography

  1. maire52 says:

    Brilliant, we must try this, I know it is harder than it looks and it looks difficult.

    • nikkielysian says:

      Lots of trial and error, but great fun. Best against a dark background, though – although sod’s law dictated that once we’d realised that, none of our darker background ones worked quite as well as the one against the white wall!

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