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Who are Home Ed Grows Up? Nikki Harper on Home Education in the UK

We are a family in North Lincolnshire, England, home educating our twelve thirteen fourteen (!) year old daughter Emily. Emily has been home educated since she was five, following a disastrous reception year at the “outstanding” local primary school. She has grown wings over the last nine years and is becoming an intelligent, opinionated, strong willed and ambitious young lady. Taking the decision to home educate wasn’t easy and there have certainly been some bumps along the way, but it was absolutely the best and most wonderful thing for our family and we wouldn’t have missed a moment of it.

I am an astrologer and mind body spirit author; my husband writes too and is a spiritualist medium and healer. We both work from home. The family also includes five cats, an African Grey parrot, an on-loan horse, my parents and Jon’s father, so it’s a crowded and busy home! If you want to know more about our professional work, have a look at our mind body spirit blog or the Facebook page for my book, Moon Surfing for Teens.

I started this blog in September 2010, around the time Emily would have begun attending secondary school if she were “in the system”. Our previous blog, Happily Home Edding, was a fun record of the first years of home education but our style of home ed has changed a great deal over the years. With Emily also changing and growing up so much and our home education becoming more structured, it was time for a new blog 🙂

We “do” a fairly structured style of home education and we get through quite a bit of work. Emily studies most of the standard school type subjects, but we don’t follow the national curriculum and she is free to choose which areas of those subjects she studies and in which order. As well as English, maths, history, science, geography and others, Emily also studies psychology (her all-consuming passion!), linguistics, politics, economics, law and computer programming. Subjects are added in or dropped according to her interests at the time.

Emily will not sit either GCSEs or A levels. She and we feel that an alternative approach to qualifications would be far better. Perhaps the Open University, perhaps something else. We shall see.

Thanks for visiting. Comments are welcome, but I will not waste time engaging with known trolls seeking oxygen or publicity. Comments from such people may or may not be published, depending on the aggravation factor involved.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Jen Dale says:

    BBC Lincolnshire is interested in taking up your story. Could you please give the newsroom a ring on 01522 875 141 and ask to speak to Jen Dale or Scott Dalton please.

  2. Grandma says:

    Wanted to send you a quick positive message (nothing bad or controversial) but can’t find your contact detals anymore.

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