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Cantering Along

Yes, it’s another “oh, haven’t posted for months, will have to bore everyone with what we’ve been doing” post. The art of regular blogging seems to have deserted me once and for all. No matter. We’ve done stuff. Lots of … Continue reading

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Christmas and 14th Birthday Catchup

Fantastic Christmas, with lots of craft-y stuff done throughout December. We’d missed out on doing much craft over the last couple of years, as Emily had gone off doing it, but she was keen this year and it was fun … Continue reading

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Plans for a “New Term”

Well, no, we don’t do “terms” – but there’s nothing like the whole “back to school” mania at the end of August every year to prompt a bit of taking stock. If she were in school, Emily would be just … Continue reading

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Happy to Report

…that normal service is being resumed. On the eve of my 41st birthday, things are going pretty well. Book’s due out soon, Emily’s happy, Jon’s happy, home ed is going swimmingly, future plans are shaping up nicely. Easy to forget … Continue reading

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Chronology of a Complaint

[Just collecting in one place links to all the documentation regarding Lincolnshire County Council, in chronological order.] Original complaint letter to Debbie Barnes, Director of Children’s Services – 16th April 2012 Reply from Debbie Barnes – 26th April 2012 Letter … Continue reading

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7 Lessons I Teach

[also at: Huffington Post] Twenty one years ago, on being named New York State Teacher of the Year 1991, John Taylor Gatto made a famous and powerful speech denouncing the American school system and questioning its hidden curriculum, designed to … Continue reading

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Water Balloon Photography

Fantastic photographs captured by Emily this morning in an experiment with shutter speeds – the split second of bursting of a water-filled balloon, capturing the instant that the water remains in a balloon shape before falling; you can even see … Continue reading

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