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Happy to Report

…that normal service is being resumed. On the eve of my 41st birthday, things are going pretty well. Book’s due out soon, Emily’s happy, Jon’s happy, home ed is going swimmingly, future plans are shaping up nicely. Easy to forget … Continue reading

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7 Lessons I Teach

[also at: Huffington Post] Twenty one years ago, on being named New York State Teacher of the Year 1991, John Taylor Gatto made a famous and powerful speech denouncing the American school system and questioning its hidden curriculum, designed to … Continue reading

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But If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide…

Since I decided back in April to take a stand against Lincolnshire County Council’s home education power grab, I’ve had a depressing number of people shake their heads in bemusement at me or at Jon, online or in real life, … Continue reading

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